Zion Medicinals Review

In my quest to check out as many of the CBD manufacturers out there as possible, I’ve come upon the Zion Medicinals brand. The brand was founded by one persistent man looking to find a treatment for his wife. She suffered from chronic Lyme disease. I respect such an effort and will go into more detail about this brand. Here’s my full report of the company and all their products. Please keep in mind that there are lots of options out there and that you need to do your homework in order to be successful.

Zion Medicinals

The Official Zion Medicinals Review

I’ll start the review by sharing some information on the beginning and how this actually came to fruition. The wife of Brian Caruso, the founder, has been fighting Lyme disease accompanied by a lot of pain and insomnia. She was advised to try taking products with CBD to help alleviate her symptoms. While she has success with some of the products she tried, it became obvious that she needed something stronger and more effective. It was then that her husband decided to make their own brand, and use pharmacy-quality CBD oil.

Brand Policy

To be able to deliver the desired results, the Zion Medicinals brand has a very firm policy about the way they produce their products. They use only single sourced organic hemp grown in the USA and use an ethanol extraction process to ensure the most of the useful components from the hemp get extracted. The product they get is full spectrum CBD oil that contains all the hemp’s terpenes and cannabinoids and is more effective as it delivers the entourage effect.

The unique thing about their brand is their spagyric extraction method that adds “alchemic” properties, increased bioavailability and added minerals.

Zion Medicinal’s “Alchemic” Extraction process

The spagyric method that Zion Medicinals use in their practice involves a set of specific steps in order to get a premium product. The whole method involves several complex steps like fermentation of the raw hemp, then an ethanol extraction. The leftover plant material is then burned to white ash in a process called calcination, which enables the minerals and salts to be dissolved in water, which is then evaporated, and crystalline material is obtained.

In the last step of the whole alchemic process, the raw tincture obtained via the ethanol extraction is mixed with the crystallized salts for a complete product. The final product contains all the useful plant materials, the terpenes, minerals, acids, and oils and it can be aptly named a spagyric whole-plant full-spectrum hemp extract.

The product they sell is a blend of the raw full-spectrum hemp oil and fractionated coconut oil to achieve the desired potency and prevent the product from hardening in colder weather.

The Products

The Zion Medicinals product offer is very narrow, but they have two types of products – the hemp tincture and the hemp salve. They use only single sourced organic hemp grown in Colorado for their hemp oil.

The hemp tincture is made as outlined above, via their spagyric production process and contains full-spectrum hemp oil, with all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp, as well as the fractionated coconut oil. The tincture comes in two concentrations – a 750 mg of CBD in a 30 m bottle and a more potent 1500 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle.

Their hemp salve is intended as a pain relief for joint and muscle pain, as it contains several ingredients that have been shown to have inherent beneficial properties. The hemp salve contains hemp extract, clove, Mullein, Acerola berry, Bloodroot, Dragon’s Blood resin, Jojoba oil, and Candelilla wax. The salve can also be used for relieving headaches and aches from colds.

The Video Review

Here’s a review presented via video that was recorded by a woman who used Zion Medicinals for over a month. It’s pretty informative to say the least.

Conclusion: Zion Medicinals Might Be Your Answer

There’s no doubt about it, Zion Medicinals is one good hemp and CBD brand. The intention to alleviate the pain that the founders’ wife suffered from actually caused him to take action and create a brand. This brand is now able to help a lot of people, especially people with a disease such as Lyme Disease. Another big plus for this brand goes because of their unique “alchemic” extraction method, as it is more complex and more time and energy consuming but the result is a superb raw tincture that brings a lot to the table. So if you are looking to get a CBD oil with almost unique properties, then give the Zion Medicinals a try, they are worth it.

Are there other brands to consider? Absolutely! You should consider trying the products as well. I use those more than this brand to be honest.

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