VUSE E-Cig Review

Whether you’re using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking or if you’re simply trying to find a better way to consume CBD or THC, you might want to read my review on Vuse Vapor. The Vuse e-cig is one that you might suggest when in search for a new vaping option.

Here’s what I’ve covered in this review…

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  • Hardware
  • Consistency
  • Comfort
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  • Product Choice

Vuse E-Cig

Complete Vuse E-Cig Vapor Review

I’ll kick things off with the basics, sharing an overview of the company behind this device. VUSE is a subsidiary of the Reynolds American, one of the largest tobacco companies in the USA.  This electronic cigarette has been a very popular choice, and with 33% market share in 2015, it was the best selling e-cigarette in the US. Maybe all those users are onto something with selecting VUSE. We are about to find out.


The body of the device is made of metal, as opposed to the plastic used by cheaper brands. It feels sturdy constructed and seems to be durable and shock-resistant, meaning it will not break on the first fall. This points to a premium device that was created sparing no expenses. But, not everything is perfect, and there are some drawbacks related to the VUSE e-cig.

The Consistency

The most important thing about any electronic cigarette is the consistency of the vapor, so you will always get the desired hit of nicotine. So the e-cig should always deliver a constant vapor, and it seems that the VUSE e-cig does not actually deliver such a consistency (it seems this is the reason behind pulling back some of the VUSE Vibe e-cigs in April 2018).


Any e-cig aficionado can testify on the comfortableness of the e-cig over the real thing, but only if the vapor, infused with enough nicotine, comes at a consistent pace. When using the VUSE e-cig, you may be faced with taking dry hits that may cause uncomfortableness to your throat.

The nicotine that is found in the VUSE e-cig is free-base, like the other e–juice brands out there. When used in excess, it can cause unpleasant throat hits. Most other brands of e-cigarettes don’t have such high e-cig content and are milder to the throat.

The Nicotine Levels

Another big thing about the VUSE e-cig is the high content of nicotine. It has a staggering 4.8% by vol. or 48mg nicotine per milliliter of vape liquid. This is a high content and is not suitable for everyone. Especially for beginners that are just testing vaping as a substitute for cigarettes.

But this may be very good for hard-core smokers that are used to the high powered punch of a high nicotine content, but it is still advisable to tread with caution when using such high-potency e-cig.

The sleek design and durable materials that are a part of the VUSE e-cig make it a good choice, but this has some drawbacks. The inconsistency of the vapors is not always reliable, and the high nicotine hit does not feel like a substitute for the real cigarette.

Which Consumer Is It For?

That is why it is our recommendation that this is not an e-cig for beginners, that may just take a hit and be turned off vaping for good. Be careful when you are using it and take it slowly. But on the plus side, the refill cartridges are very easy to find, as you have them in almost all convenience stores and you don’t have to go online and wait for them to be delivered to your home.

The Nicotine

A smoker can easily overdo it with cigarettes. Same goes for vapes. Vaping large amounts of e-juice, especially the more concentrated blends can lead to overdosing on nicotine. When starting a new brand of e-cig like this one, it’s recommended that the first try is taken with caution, so you’ll not overdose or be revolted by the taste and sensation on your first try. And with moderate and consistent use, you will start to get comfortable and entirely switch to vaping instead of smoking.

If you happen to overdose on nicotine, no matter the source, your body is in great discomfort. There are several very unpleasant symptoms of nicotine overdose: anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, high heart rate, the stiffness of the joints, headaches and body parts tingling and losing sensation in some body parts due to low blood circulation.

These symptoms are not common in every case of nicotine overdose, but if you feel like you’ve overdone it with cigarettes or a vape juice, then please go and see a doctor. And by all means, slow down on your nicotine intake.

Where To Buy

If you’re looking to purchase the Vuse E-cig, then look no further, you can pick it up on the official website and good news for you, they’ve got LOTS of options here in terms of e-cigs. You’ve got the Vuse Ciro which takes 0.9ml of e-liquid, 1.5% nicotine, and a 260mAh battery starting at $9.99.

Then there’s the Vuse Solo which uses 0.5ml v-liquid, contains 4.8% nicotine, and runs on a 270mAh battery which can be bought for $11.25.

Last but not least, you got the Vibe Vuse e-cig which is currently not available but when they do bring it back,$24.99 for a complete kit and perhaps the most popular of them all.

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