VaporX Exponent Review

Here are, I cover a lot of stuff about vaping. One of those things happens to be products! Those of you that have never tried the VaporX Exponent, you’re seriously missing out on something great! I’ve done my best to cover everything you need to know about this vaporizer before you go ahead and make a purchase. It’s a fantastic product that you’ll want to get to know. Here’s the scoop on this device…

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Personal Review of the VaporX Exponent

The VaporX Exponent is one of the few that can vape all three types of product wax, dry, and liquid. Now with this vape pen, you will realize a 3-in-1 is not all that it is sought-out to be. A lot of time the various materials work with different heating times and temperatures. The following text will explain exactly what I mean.


The Exponent vape pen comes with three different attachments that are compatible with one of the three materials you can vape. Now keep in mind each different attachment serves a specific purpose and will only work with the appropriate material. For example, your dry herb material will not work with your wax attachment or your e-liquid attachment, only the one for dry material.

Wax Attachment

This is a coil that is specifically used for all of you waxy products. The Exponent is equipped with a Dual Ceramic Rod coil for your wax materials. Which will give a nice smooth vape experience and is consistent with various types of waxes.

E-liquid Attachment

This is its own unit, which you fill up with your desired e-liquid, pop it on the vape battery and start vaping. This is also one of the most innovative wick-less coils, so as long as you treat it nicely you will not have to replace parts of this unit.

Dry Attachment

Now this one is a little different, although I give VaporX major props for creating an affordable 3-in-1. This dry herb attachment is very low quality and will not give you a true vaporization that you are looking for. The Exponent dry chamber is a small stainless chamber that screws into the bottom of the glass dome chamber. The same place you insert your wax coil.

The VaporX Exponent dry material chamber is a convection type of heating. It is a little bit different than a true vaporization. With a true vaporization, you are receiving heat from all angles of the chamber versus convection, which only delivers heat from the Kanthal wire coil on the bottom. With this style of dry Chamber, you are still capable of being exposed to combustion, which beats the whole purpose of vaping.


The overall shape of the pen battery is an ellipse like the famous G-pen Micros or CloudPenz. Making it perfect for the palm of your hand. This battery is rechargeable with a micro USB charger that is included in the kit. The kit gives off 110volts that is most convenient for all three materials. With a full charge, this battery is capable of vaping for 4 whole hours. Also, this kit is available in many different colors to best fit your personality.

Company Info

3001 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


Here’s a video of someone unpacking the product after making a purchase.

Last but not least, this kit includes:

  • 1 x VaporX Vape Battery
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x E-juice Tank
  • 1 x Atomizer base for Wax and Dry materials
  • 1 x Ceramic/ Cotton coil for wax
  • 1 x  Glass Globe for Wax and Dry materials
  • 1 x Dry material Ceramic/Stainless chamber
  • 1 x Stainless Dab tool
  • 1 x Mini USB Cable
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • 1 x Exponent User manual


The VaporX Exponent is great with e-liquid and waxes but the dry chamber is a bit small and isn’t a true vaporization method. This pen would make a great gift for someone that wants one unit for all their materials because this comes with all the pieces you need except the product that you are trying to vape. The quick heat-up time is good for waxes and e-liquid but can cause combustion with your dry material which is what were are trying to avoid by vaping. Overall, at the price it is at the VaporX is a great 3-in-1 that will give you the first luxurious steps into the vape community. Recommended only for beginners because avid vapers will not enjoy the lack of power this vape puts off.

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