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I’ve recently done a bunch of research on the MyFreedomSmokes vape company. Having such a strong passion for CBD oil, cannabis, and hemp oil in general, I know that vaping CBD oil is where things are heading. In fact, they’re already there! Here’s everything that you need to know about the MyFreedomSmokes company and the products they offer.

But first, I’d like to make one thing very clear:

Smoking is a nasty habit, that once started is hard to quit. For people that are really trying to quit smoking, there is the alternative of using electronic cigarettes and even completely transferring to becoming a full-time vaper.

While traditional cigarettes contain tobacco which is addictive, vaping presents a much safer and sometimes tastier alternative. While many of you are familiar with the term vaping and all that it entails, this is a trend that has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years.

There are many different websites online selling e-cigs (vape pens), e-juices and other related products, but we’ll aim this review on the MyFreedomSmokes and their main offer – the electronic cigarette or the vape pen.

myfreedomsmokes site and review
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MyFreedomSmokes Complete Review

The MyFreedomSmokes is a North Carolina based website founded in 2008 by a very passionate smoker that has looked for an alternative to the traditional cigarette. The founder, Chris Yelton has found that vaping was a much better alternative to traditional smoking, and that is the reason why he started to spread the word in favor of the electronic cigarette in place of the traditional stuff.

The Website

The MyFredomSmokes website offers a wide variety of vape products from various brands, as well as a large database with educational and informative material. There are several pages with information on all things related to vaping, as well as a multitude of educational and promotional videos that tend to favor vaping over traditional smoking.

Why should anyone buy from MyFreedomSmokes instead of the local shops of the brands advertised here? Well, the answer is very simple: My FreedomSmokes website carries some of the best vape products on the market. There are products from the main Chinese manufacturers, along with products from the main US companies.

Aside from vape pens, the MyFreedomSmokes website offers a wide array of e-juices from different manufacturers, all tried and true. Another important thing about this website is that it is not simply oriented towards advertising, marketing, and selling of vaping pens and e-juices, but it is truly devoted to educating the people about the whole vaping experience.

Traditional vs. E-Cigarettes

There are many discussions about smoking vs. using an e-cigarette. And the explanation we found on the MyFreedomSmokes is something that we liked and will share with you here. Chris, the founder of MyFreedomSmokes has quit smoking by switching to vaping and is encouraging many to do the same. He has some very simple, but very logical arguments on why vaping is the better alternative.

The traditional chemicals contain about a thousand chemicals that get directly inhaled into the lungs, and at least a hundred of these are very harmful to the human body. The opposite – using an e-cigarette is very simple and safe.

The e-juice usually contains only two to three ingredients and a limited amount of nicotine, all of these are not very dangerous for the human body. The main ingredients of the e-juice are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin – two ingredients found in most household products like skin creams, and even some foods.

More Economical

Using an e-cig can be a lot cheaper over a longer period of time. The initial investment may be somewhat high, a high-quality vape pen can be a bit expensive, but it is not something that you’ll need to buy every day. And the e-liquid is often bought in bulk, so depending on the use, it can last for a decent amount of time.


MyFreedomSmokes always has offers, coupons, and discounts in place, so even an avid vaping enthusiast can get a very favorable deal and stock on e-juices, vape accessories, and even get a replacement vape pen for a very affordable price. If you’re planning on trying a new brand, then I suggest giving this one a shot.
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