Category - CBD Talk

copaiba oil

Copaiba Oil vs. CBD Oil

Despite the rise in popularity of CBD oil and CBD-based products, many people continue to doubt them with a heavy dose of skepticism. The array of similar products don’t make it a very positive case for CBD oil, either...


What is Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA)?

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids that are produced by the hemp plant. The persistent organic chemists have identified them all and named them appropriately, but we layman people know them by their abbreviations...

CBD and Depression issues

Deal With Depression, Take CBD Oil

I have covered quite a few subtopics related to CBD consumption. Most recently I wrote about how it can help with relieving anxiety issues. Now I’m here to talk about an even more serious issue that this might...

passing a drug test using CBD

Can You Fail A Drug Test On CBD?

Taking certain supplements and consuming certain foods can be a bit risky at times, especially if you’re lined up for a drug test in the near future. With the growing popularity of the use of CBD in our everyday lives...

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