CasaLuna Chocolate Review

The CasaLuna brand has been around since 2013 and is one of the pioneers in producing CBD chocolates. I’m very much into edibles such as gummies and even CBD beverages like this one that just launched. While I didn’t share much information on the company, I tried to cover what I know and came to know doing a bit of research.

casaluna chocolates

They offer some simple products like CBD chocolates, sweet cacao nibs and sugar-free and vegan chocolates. On their website, there is very limited information about the CBD they infuse in their products and an abundance of information about the growing of cocoa and chocolate production processes.

Their policy is from “bean to bar” meaning that they control the whole production process from planting and growing the cocoa plant to manufacturing the final chocolate bar. There is the lack of information about the origin and extraction process of the CBD they put in their chocolates and nibs. This raises the question of food safety and quality, as there are no third-party lab tests or results about the ingredients and safety of these products.

As we made an extensive research about these products, and we weren’t able to find very significant information about the origin and quality of the CBD, we can’t fully support this brand and their products. Still, we offer our congratulations on their innovative products like CBD vegan chocolates, CBD sugar-free chocolates and CBD dark and milk chocolates. It is our advice to the CasaLuna people to update their information as products like these should not be dismissed for such trivial things as a poorly designed website.

Want more information? Then call them at 1-213-269-1249 or visit the official website – here.

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