Canna Trading Co Cannabis Oil Review

I’ve been on a serious tear these days, investigating lots of cannabis oil companies. Next in line in the effort to cover as many CBD and hemp oil products, is the Canna Trading Company aka Canna Trading co. Below, you will find all the details that I found out about their products and the company in general.

canna trading co cannabis oil

Canna Trading Co Overview

The Canna Trading Company is located in California and established in 2015. Their first product was the vape product line. As for goals, based on my research it seems like their primary goal was to bring the marijuana and hemp culture to more people, whether it was THC or CBD the users were after. They saw the need to create CBD-only products that have the potential to bring pain relief to many people, and that is why they decided to make and sell high-quality, yet affordable CBD products.

Their CBD and hemp oil is extracted via the CO2 extraction from European grown hemp. They claim that their products are as natural as possible, GMO-free and every product page have the lab test results readily available to anyone. Their CBD-only products are available all across the USA and in 45 countries across the world, but the THC versions are only available in California.

The website is very nicely designed, with an interesting black-and-white theme that resembles the labels of their products. What I found being informative was the resource center page on the website. This is actually a blog with an abundance of information about hemp, CBD, and other interesting posts.

Highlights of the Canna Trading Co

Every product and company has some major pros and some cons. I’ve come up with this list of pros and cons of the Canna Trading Co, here they are.


  • Very affordable prices
  • Lab test results readily available on the website
  • Multiple purchase options
  • GMO-free, natural ingredients
  • THC products (available in California)


  • Limited product selection
  • Limited return policy

Types Of Products

  • Tinctures

  • Capsules

  • Vaping

  • Other

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 2015

Official Company Name: Canna Trading Co.

Hemp Origin: Europe (To the best of my knowledge)

Product Price Range: $17 – $50 ($)

Product Availability: Across the USA and 45 countries around the world

Purchase Offers: One-time, bulk, auto-ship, wholesale purchase

Lab Test Results: Available on every product page

Support/Customer Service: phone: (805)-776-3779, online contact form

Shipping Policy: Standard shipping, auto-ship option

Return Policy: Only on inquiry

Where to Buy: Canna Trading Co online shop

Discount Coupon Code

The products from the Canna Trading Co are economical and affordable, to begin with. But if you’d like, you can easily get further discounts by subscribing to their newsletter. The loyal customer gets occasional sale offers, as well as discounted prices for some products, and for the others, there is a coupon code which I’ll be providing in the near future. This code will give you a decent discount.

Most Popular Products

Canna Trading offers come in a relatively limited range of products, compared to similar companies, but that does not mean that there are not some awesome products in their line. I’ll outline their best sellers, along with some basic info to help you make better buying decisions.

Full disclosure: I’ll be adding images of all the products soon. I’m working on creating them now. 

CBD Sleep Aid Tincture

This is a blend that is formulated to help with sleeping. The blend contains pure hemp CBD oil extracted via a supercritical CO2 extraction process to preserve all the terpenes derived from the hemp plant. The tincture contains 400mg of hemp oil in a 30 ml bottle. It is intended to be taken orally, one dropper a day under the tongue. To ensure you take a good mix of all the important ingredients, the bottle needs to be shaken before use, as the mix can get separated due to gravity.

CBD Anxiety Tincture

This is a blend of hemp oil and naturally occurring terpenes that have a calming effect on your body and mind. The hemp oil is made via CO2 extraction, and a 30 ml bottle contains 400 mg of CBD hemp oil. This product is GMO-free, 100% natural and free of soy, sugar, nuts, yeast, chemicals, and preservatives. It should be taken sublingually, in a dose of one dropper per day.

CBD Inflammation Tincture

Another interesting product, this tincture is specially designed to help fight inflammation caused by injuries, arthritic pains, Multiple Sclerosis and other inflammation-inducing conditions. The blend contains CBD, hemp oil and natural hemp terpenes and comes in a 30 ml bottle with 400 mg of CBD per bottle. This is a GMO-free, 100% natural product, and has no artificial colors or flavors added. The slight flavor is due to the natural terpenes in the mix.

CBD Full Spectrum Capsules

The capsules by the Canna Trading Company are made from all plant-based ingredients. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD hemp extract, the whole bottle contains 30 capsules. Besides the CBD, the capsules contain full spectrum hemp extract and are gluten-free. The recommended daily dose is one capsule.

CBD Vape Cartridge

Each of the Canna Trading Co vape cartridges contains 20 mg of active CBD in a mix with coconut oil and natural terpenes. The mix is designed to promote calming, relaxing feelings. The vape cartage can be used with different kinds of vape pens, and there is no risk of getting high, as this is pure CBD vape juice.

Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Do you like convenient vape pens? Then this is a nice, disposable vaping product that one can easily take on the go without any additional fuss. This pen can be used very discretely, as it has no odor, but still brings the full potential of the CBD oil and natural terpenes mix to bring forth calm, relaxing feelings to the body and mind. If you are interested, the lab test results can be seen on each product page on the Canna Trading Co website.

Clam Shell, Vaporizer Pen, and Charger

This vaporizer kit comes in a nice little package that allows you to keep all the necessary things like vape pen, charger and battery together. The vape pen gets charged via a USB cable, and the pen has a standard 510 thread that fits with most commercial cartridges, so you can select your preferred e-juice and enjoy a nice vape.

Support Your Local Farmer T-Shirt

The Canna Trading Company has several clothing options on their website, but here I have selected the Support Your Local Farmer T-Shirt. It is made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton in a baby-knit pattern. The knit pattern is soft and comfortable, and the cut is unisex – fits both men and women. You only need to select your size as it comes in the standard S, M, L and XL sizes.

I’ll be sharing the best place to get these products if you’re interested. Just keep checking back for more details.

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