Hemp & CBD News

Does Weed Ever Spoil?

Weed is best used as a freshly dried herb. But not many of us have the luxury of having access to high-quality fresh weed and we have to rely on dispensaries to provide weed with good quality. If you happen to come by a strain you really like and have the chance of purchasing a […]

Is CBD Good For Dogs?

CBD and dogs are all the rage these days. People love their pets, especially their dogs and they’re turning to cannabidiol oil. This the next big hit in the veterinary business – no doubt about it. Everyone loves dogs, right? A lot of people are proud owners of a dog or two and there is little […]

Copaiba Oil vs. CBD Oil

Despite the rise in popularity of CBD oil and CBD-based products, many people continue to doubt them with a heavy dose of skepticism. The array of similar products don’t make it a very positive case for CBD oil, either. The Difference Between CBD & Copaiba Oil Because many of these are advertised as oils, there […]

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