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Product Review Criteria

If you’re looking to purchase the best hemp and CBD oils, then you’re in luck. We’re here to share the best cbd oil brands that we know and recommend.

But first, you’ll want to know the criteria involved in our review and rating process.

There are a number of things that we consider during our reviews. We have a very specific criterion and process that we follow.This process is followed in order to identify everything that you need to know prior to making a purchasing decision. Keep reading to get a better understanding of the criteria and aspects we look into.

Company Info

We feel it’s important for you to understand everything you can about the companies, which is why we provide the date in which the companies were formed, the legal names of the entities and the CBD brand names as well.

Hemp Source

Knowing the origin of the hemp and all the physical properties involved is vital. The growth methods and locations may play an important role in the quality of the CBD product you’re consuming.This is extremely important given that some countries do not regulate growth nor do they control or uphold a standard of quality like other countries throughout the world. Lots of hemp products come from overseas, specifically, countries based in Eastern Europe as well as China. It has a lot to do with supply and demand, but it also has to do with business. We sniff out companies supplying cheap low-quality cannabidiol oil and suggest avoiding some of the foreign countries supplying manufacturers globally. Which is why we point this out to consumers.

We want out readers to find the best quality hemp goods at the most economical prices out there. Since we value quality and coin, it only makes sense that we make this a focal point in our review.
Variety, Taste & Effectiveness
Some CBD brands have a lot to offer. We care how many products each company produces as well as the taste and overall effectiveness of the product. All three of these factors play a roll in whether or not we recommend the brand/products.
Lab Testing
Since CBD oil is so new and many companies out there are cutting corners, we look for transparency. The third party testing that often occurs is a plus and one that we consider.
Customer Support / Service
No one likes to buy a product and not have support for it after the fact. We take into consideration the quality of the support provided by each company.
Shipping / Returns
Since most of these hemp cbd oil companies were formed within the last four years, we value the ability to be able to return products that are ineffective. Additionally, we also take into consideration the costs involved when shipping the goods.
Product Availability / Price
We take into consideration the availability of a product and the price. Given that these products come in various strengths, sizes and suggested dosages, it can get confusing for some customers. We break things down making it easier to compare things, making it much easier to make a purchase decision. Afterall, it’s much easier to make a purchasing decision when you’re not comparing apples and oranges.
Third-Party Reviews / Consumer Reviews
We take into consideration the reviews that have been published on various websites across the Internet as well as comments/reviews that consumers have left. We waste no time pulling data from various product ratings and product reviews from various undisclosed sources.

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If you have checked social media or turned on the news lately, you probably have seen headlines on the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Far from the controversy on recreational marijuana, the usage of hemp oil (additionally referred to as CBD oil) now is vastly celebrated among doctors, scientists, and medical scientists studying CBD use as an alternative method and all for its benefits.

Everything You Must Know About Hemp Oil & CBD Products!

If you’ve got the mindset to want to find an alternative product to prescriptions and traditional medicine, then you might want to keep reading. But before getting started we must make one thing very clear. We comply with all FDA regulation and we do not endorse or approve of specific medical beenfits of using CBD oil other than improving overall wellness. We are not doctors and rather than doing so, we suggest you speak with your doctor or physician to learn the specifics of whether or not you should consider using CBD oil or hemp oil. Find out if it’s right for you before consuming.

Now that we’ve covered that…

Our plan here is to educate you on all things hemp so that you can make an educated decision to try the various types of products on the market today. A little research goes a long way and just taking a look around, you’ll come across plenty of tinctures, vape oils, gummies, serums, and rubs to consider buying.

But first: Let’s get down to facts and science!

The use of this has given rise to the exploding medical marijuana industry, especially cannabidiol hemp oil, or simply CBD. Therefore, what is it? Touted highly for its health advantages, CBD Hemp Oil benefits are obtainable as a medically tested, natural, and safe.

The Hemp & CBD Oil Health Benefits

I know you’ve been dying to ask this question:

What are the potential health benefits of using CBD Hemp Oil?

The international medical and science communities now are aware of the advantages of Cannabidiol as a nutritional supplement, as well as are attempting to discover the right Cannabinoid content for its users.

Similarly, CBD oil’s healing possibility has begun to change how we imagine medicine, as well as preventing, not merely treating the symptoms of, disease. (However, it’s important to note that due to FDA Regulations, we’re not saying that this will prevent, treat, or cure any diseases at all). Because of new medical studies and credible research, regular folks also are becoming alert to the positive health advantages Cannabidiol may produce, yet without marijuana’s high.

It is vital to note that hemp and Cannabidiol oils are not yet approved as medicines by the Food and Drug Administration or any statements haven’t been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. In spite of that lack of acknowledgment, there is a lengthy list of medicinal functionalities related to using quality Cannabidiol oil products.

As a matter of fact, some of the most respected and prominent names within the medical community advocated using CBD Hemp Oil as a legit alternative treatment, which includes the notable Doctor Sanja Gupta within his special on CNN entitled, “Weed.” Even though more studies are necessary, in the last 10 years, over 23,000 studies were published in medical journals and reviews that detail the pro-health and healing properties of cannabis oil and how they’ll work with cannabinoid receptors.

Even the pharmaceutical sector is beginning to get on board, because of the rising Cannabidiol demand, spotlighting the potential healing advantages of Cannabidiol, as well as commercial viability.

What Is CBD Oil?

We know you want to understand as much as you can on CBD oil benefits before considering using it as a wellness supplement. Therefore, let us take a look at the chemical compound which makes Cannabidiol Hemp oil:

Cannabidiol: it’s a natural compound taken from the marijuana or hemp plant. As a matter of fact, it is only one of the 85 cannabinoids that are present inside the cannabis plant, yet the CBD oil used medically and for sale most commonly derives from the hemp plant and not marijuana.

It is a vital distinction since Cannabidiol Hemp Oil from hemp has greater concentrations of Cannabidiol yet low levels of THC. THC is the sole chemical in marijuana which causes a psychotropic effect, also referred to as an intoxicating “high,” as ingested or smoked. And within marijuana, Cannabidiol compounds come second to THC in concentration levels. However, in hemp plants, Cannabidiol oil is the pre-eminent leading compound that only has minimal THC trace amounts.

How Do It Affect Your Body?

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system; a network of receptors mainly discovered in the immune system, central nervous system, and brain. The receptors trigger the release chemicals benefitting various body parts.

Our endocannabinoid system is critical to our body’s homeostasis, or natural function and balance, yet as the system becomes compromised, functions like sleep, mood, hormone regulation, appetite, immune response, and pain may be affected.

Discovered within all mammals, the endocannabinoid system is amongst the most critical regulatory systems in the body. However, with the modern-day diet, stressors, consumption of toxins, as well as adverse environmental conditions, our endocannabinoid system commonly is undernourished.

CBD Hemp Oil, thankfully, is an increasingly natural and safe therapeutic method of helping homeostasis and supporting a person’s overall health.

Are CBD Oils Legal To Use?

Medical marijuana products’ legalization is a swiftly evolving issue. Within the U.S., it’s legal in most states, with more people acknowledging the health advantages and legalizing it all of the time. But, in a few states, it still is illegal. Other states legalized marijuana and CBD oils for medicinal use, yet require that a user apply for special certification and licensing.

During the time of this post, the Food and Drug Administration – a federal agency – hasn’t yet approved Cannabidiol oil as a treatment for certain medical conditions.

Now, here’s the good news: Cannabidiol oils are legal to be manufactured and sold in all fifty states. This is a fact because Cannabidiols derive from the Cannabis Sativa strain of a plant, containing just trace TCH levels. (It is the strain Cannabis Indica which has higher THC levels and is used or smoked for recreational reasons.)

Therefore, Cannabidiol oils and hemp oils sourced from Cannabis Sativa are legal to buy anywhere in America.

Cannabidiol Hemp Oil: Is It Safe To Take?

CBD Hemp Oil is a legitimate and safe product which may offer a plethora of health and medical benefits.

There aren’t any reports of fatalities or overdoses from CBD oil. But, to ensure safety and responsibility, it is recommended that one begin with a minimal dose and just increase consumption gradually by small increments. This approach is going to make it simple for users to figure out their sweet spot and enjoy all of Cannabidiol’s benefits.

Even though there isn’t any reported quantity of CBD oil which could prove lethal, users still are encouraged to exercise moderation and caution with dosages. In discovering your own comfortable dose and not to overdo it, you will accomplish the optimal benefits. If you determine to increase the dosage, it’s better to talk to your doctor first.

Most importantly, be certain that you buy CBD from a well-established and trusted source. Perform your own research on the leading brands of CBD for sale in the marketplace.

CBD/Hemp Oil Forms For Consumption

How you administer CBD into your system is going to depend on the medical symptoms you want to relieve. However, it’ll come in many various forms, which include mixed into gels or creams, fit into capsules to be orally taken, rubbed into your skin, or sprayed into your mouth.

But, if you want to experience the most therapeutic, direct CBD benefits, it’s recommended to either buy capsules or oil tincture. Of course, capsules are swallowed, while the tincture is put underneath your tongue for fast absorption.

Some are more comfortable with Cannabidiol in gums, chocolate bars, and mouth strips, so try different forms if you are a novice until you discover one which is better suited for you.

You also may blend the use of two forms of oil, like a skin cream and a capsule, to maximize desirable results. Keep in mind that CBD oil has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration so speak with your healthcare provider before you use it if there are any concerns.

Drug Testing Implications

Of course, you might have concerns regarding taking hemp oil or Cannabidiol oil if you’re going to be drug tested. Since most private sector employees and all federal employees must undergo drug testing, we want to place your mind at ease. While it’s a safe cannabis plant extraction, it isn’t marijuana.

The majority of folks are tested for marijuana presence in the urine. The cutoff level for a urine screen that is positive for marijuana is at 50ng/ml immunoassay, according to the SAMHSA (Substance Abused and Mental Health Services Administration). However, rest assured that this very sensitive drug test does not even detect cannabinoids besides THC.

That means that users of CBD might go through regular urine drug screening without having to fear that their results are going to come out positive. Even the ones who routinely use the pills or oil in large dosages don’t need to be concerned with getting a positive result on the drug test.

Even in the extremely unlikely event that there’s a false positive test, follow-up GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) tests are implemented to check positive THC traces in the urine. The cut-off GC/MS screening level is established at 15 ng/ml and mainly detects the primary metabolite discovered in THC. The GC/MS test is the confirmatory diagnostic test which may tell if someone has greater than normal levels of THC.

Testing positive for cannabis virtually is impossible if you buy quality hemp products from reputable sources since they contain low THC levels – typically 1/300th or 1/100th the THC that is discovered in the recreational cannabis the test is screening for. If there are additional questions about what Cannabidiol is and potential CBD Hemp Oil advantages, do not hesitate to speak with your physician.

Suggested Daily Dosage Of Cannabidiol?

Before starting to use any product for medicinal reasons, it is vital that you research the proper dose, and that includes Cannabidiol oil for sale. Even though most states legalized medical marijuana’s use, some health professionals and doctors still are cautious about prescribing such products because of a lack of knowledge in regard to the correct dose based upon various medical conditions.

CBD is a newcomer in the pharmacology world, therefore it’s hard to identify standard and safe dosing to remove the best benefits of CBD oil. Thankfully, research is underway which will offer medical experts guidelines and oversight on efficient dosing schedules for clinical marijuana, which includes CBD.

If you’re looking to digest some regulations that have been proposed for controlled consumption, then I suggest checking out the following bullet points. They clearly explain dosage facts to consider…

Different Dosages For Different People

As all people are different, dosing also should be given on a case-by-case basis. As you might feel profound positive effects with a single CBD capsule, there are some who have to increase dosage to accomplish that same effect. In order to responsibly use this wellness supplement, it is better to always begin with the smallest size of your preferred oil variant, and slowly increase dosage until you attain the desired result. The FDA does not allow us to give specific dosing details.

Ask Questions And Always Be Alert

Be alert to the concentration of oil which may vary across manufacturers and products; therefore, ask wherever you view CBD oil for sale. You will discover some which contain a minimum standard of just 1 milligram/ dose, while other ones begin at 100 milligrams/ dose. As a standard unit of measurement is utilized, it relatively is easy for users to identify the perfect dose for their needs.

Dosages and Medical Conditions

The dose largely will depend upon your wellness condition, as well as your body’s response to the oil, as different folks can see relief of symptoms at various rates and degrees.

Most Common Question

This is perhaps the most common question asked and we’re glad that people are asking it!

Is there any difference between Cannabidiol oil from marijuana oils and hemp extract?

Here is exactly what you need to know about this…

CBD from the hemp seeds or a hemp stalk is thought to be safer than oils taken from the marijuana plant, and thereby more preferable. Moreover, there might be some legal problems with marijuana oils; thereby, it is suggested that for health benefits, it’s possible to a CBD oil for sale from a reputable, trusted source.

Since hemp contains low quantities of THC, it’ll become a more favorable product to consume for those who’d enjoy experiencing the therapeutic advantages of hemp oil without the typical THC-associated symptoms. Plainly put, Cannabidiol Hemp Oil products generate all of the wellness benefits without the unneeded high from Tetrahydrocannabinol.

How Cannabis Oils Differ From One Another

CBD oil, what is it if not a healthy and natural holistic treatment? And this means that there isn’t any critical difference in the composition and makeup of CBD’s taken from Cannabis Sativa, and the ones made from Cannabis Indica. Here’s the variance: some products might have more cannabis oil than other ones, and thereby be more potent. There’s Cannabidiol which contains additives, yet the ones who choose pure CBD may resort to instead using the oil. The active compound is there in all products and just differs in concentration and strength.

There isn’t any research yet as to what’s more potent between the oil taken from a marijuana plant and Cannabidiol. The sole difference between them is that CBD oil from hemp goes through a gentler process of extraction; therefore, it may generate oils that have a greater concentration of CBD. Since cannabis oils might feature higher levels of THC and might come with legal problems, most oil on the market comes from the industrial hemp plant, which makes a more accessible and safer product for the general public.

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